Mendo Dope exist in a musical class all of their own, literally the soundtrack of the grower community.”

— High Times Magazine



The Mendo Dope Boys have built a huge following of die hard fans around the world with their unique cannabis culture music. Exploding on the scene in 2013 these ganja farming musicians have been touring the states and recording music non stop. Mendo Dope has released 15 albums independently and have been featured on countless projects. Performing at the countries biggest cannabis festivals the Seattle Hemp Fest, Boston Freedom Rally and High Times Nor Cal Cup the Mendo Dope Band hits the stage with high energy and positive vibes. With over 42k followers on Instagram and 25 million views on YouTube Mendo Dope continues to  grow all around the world.

"Live in the gardens season 4"

coming 4.20.21

"live in the garden season 3"

available now

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Sample Track

directed by: Jae synth