Mendo Dope exist in a musical class all of their own, literally the soundtrack of the grower community.”

— High Times Magazine

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The Mendo Dope Boys have built a huge following of die hard fans around the world with their unique cannabis culture music. This fresh sound is a new strain of music that is genre bending and original capturing the northern California lifestyle. Created by brothers Old E and Bleezy in 2007, Mendo Dope released their first album in 2009 with Reek Daddy on NOYB Records and started an epic musical journey. They exploded on the scene in 2013 after the release of their double disc hip-hop/reggae album "Planters Of The Trees which is a dedication to the growers community. These ganja farming musicians have been touring the states and recording music non stop making a huge impact in the cannabis culture around the world with their educational songs and messages. Collaborating with legendary artists such as Mykal Rose, Pato Banton, Marlon Asher, Lutan Fyah, Celly Cel, Mac Mall, and many more, Mendo Dope Music has released 15 albums independently and performed at the countries biggest cannabis festivals. Old E and Bleezy wanted to expand their musical talents so they formed a full band with members Mr Blap (Drummer), Trevor Lyon (bass) and Johnny Fingaz (Guitar). Together they have traveled the country and set the stage on fire from  the Seattle Hemp Fest, Boston Freedom Rally, High Times Nor Cal Cup, Emerald Cup, Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival, Florida Cannabis Festival and so much more. The Mendo Dope Band lights up the stage with a high energy and positive vibes, every performance is an unforgettable experience. With over 70k followers on Instagram and 31 million views on YouTube Mendo Dope continues to  grow all around the world. Get ready for the next epic release from the Mendo Dope Boys coming October 10th 2023 titled "Planters Of The Trees 2", a 10 year anniversary double disc album that will blow you away. 

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Mendo Dope brings you Volume 2 of the "Planters Of The Trees" a 10 year anniversary double disc album.

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