Mendo Dope is the only prominent musical act that accurately chronicles the sweat, grit, determination, sore muscles, expertise, skills, risks and successes of marijuana growers.” - Steve Davis

Big Buds Magazine

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Cannabis and music have always been a big part of our life. We wanted to intertwine our roots and make records outside in our garden to do something new and different. We speak about the life we live and represent for the farmers and patients world wide. 

mendo dope

Live at the emerald cup

There are no other artists out there who's music and identity is as closely tied into the culture of cannabis and cultivation then the Mendo Dope Boys”

— High Times Magazine


Mendo Dope was created by brothers Old E and Bleezy. What germinated in the hills of Northern California is now growing around the entire world. These brothers started making music in 2007 and were introduced to the world with Reek Daddy of NOYB Records. Mendo Dope released their first nation wide album in 2009 and kicked off their career. Soon after they released numerous mixtapes independently and things were about to start rolling. They exploded on the scene in 2013 with their double disc reggae hip-hop album "Planters Of The Trees" featuring legends Pato Banton, Marlon Asher, President Brown and many more. Soon after the release they were raided by local sheriff and COMMET for growing medical cannabis but that did not stop them. They gained a huge following throughout the Cannabis Culture and continued to release albums dedicated to the ganja farmers and medical patients. In 2015 they took their music outdoors to record "Live In The Garden" growing a Marijuana plant into a vocal recording booth doing something no one had ever achieved. The following year they recorded Season 2 of Live In The Garden and collaborated with legendary artists Mykal Rose the voice of Black Uhuru, Pato Banton, Winstrong and more. As their popularity grew they began touring the states and performing with a full live band going all the way across the country. With their popular "How To Grow" DVD and YouTube series on outdoor cultivating they have been featured in Magazines such as High Times, Weed World and Cannabis Now. As they continue touring and recording music their fan base is rooting around the world. Mendo Dope Music released their 15th independent album "A Dose Of Dope" in 2022 and they are now working on Planters Of The Trees 2. This 10 year anniversary album is set to release in 2023. The Mendo Dope Boys are on a non-stop mission to spread the Cannabis Culture around the globe. 

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Mendo Dope Band

Old E, Bleezy, Mr Blap, Trevor Lyon, Johnny Fingaz