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There are no other artists out there who's music and identity is as closely tied into the culture of cannabis and cultivation then the Mendo Dope Boys”

— High Times Magazine

(Pre-order) How To Grow Mendo Dope Vol 2 "No-Till Revolution"
  • (Pre-order) How To Grow Mendo Dope Vol 2 "No-Till Revolution"
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The Mendo Boys are back! The No-till Revolution has exploded in recent years, bringing common sense back into farming. In this DVD the Mendo Dope Boys teach you how to build a living soil and team up with nature to grow some of the best cannabis in the world. From germination to harvesting you will learn step by step how to use cover crops, brew teas, IPM methods and more. Through organic No-till farming we help heal the planet one garden at a time. This is a 2 Disc set with a total of 1 hour 53 minutes.

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"weed nerd nation"

live in the gardens

Mendo Dope is getting ready to release their new album on 4/20/2021 a special dedication to Subcool and the Weed Nerd Nation. This album is a continuation of the "Live In The Garden" series recording every track outdoors in the garden. Featuring Trevor Lyon, Mr Blap, Pistallion and more.